Domain Name is redundant with wildcard domain



we categorize our certificates per server and use the common name to tell on which server the certificate is deployed.

However, we want to issue wildcard certificates, but we receive an error message: The request message was malformed :: Error creating new order :: Domain name “” is redundant with a wildcard domain in the same request. Remove one or the other from the certificate request.

I know that both names are unnecessary, however we would like to keep it in that way - can we issue certificates with both names (by breaking the client :wink: ) or is this also forbidden by the Letsencrypt API?

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You can achieve this by adding two labels versus one.


Because * would not cover the other SAN, this would work.


If your question is can you force it to issue overlapping labels, the answer is no. The API enforces that policy.


That was my question - servers are named with and we want to have * for coverage (so one certificate covers all domains hosted on that server).


So you can have that, you just have to add an additional level to the name.



Okay, thank you :slight_smile: 20 char…


Or you could also use another domain altogether for the specific label:


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