Domain Blacklisted


Dear @jsha,

It seems like the policy is still in effect. I am still getting “Policy forbids issuing for name” messages in the log file.

Thank you for your help.


Thanks for the reminder @julio_costa - I’ll check on the status.


Hi Jsha,

What should we do if I want to create a certificate on a subdomain, while I don’t owe the TLD. The case is the TLD is owned by the company HQ, they delegate a subdomain to us here.

Please advice!



HI Pavei,

Is the subdomain blacklisted ? if not, then you should be able to obtain a cert for it.


@julio_costa, thanks to some work from my coworker @cpu, you should now be able to issue for Thanks for waiting.

@pavel, if the parent domain is on the high-risk domain list, the owner of that domain will have to request removal.


Hello @jsha

We have some problem in function autossl on cpanel:

10:55:49 AM WARN “” failed its authorization because of an error: The ACME function “” indicated an error: “Policy forbids issuing for name” (400, “Bad Request”, urn:acme:error:rejectedIdentifier).

Can you help us?


Hi @partizanes

What are the domain name(s) you were trying to issue for when you saw this error?

Ah I see now,

I’ll see what we can do to amend the blocklist to allow you to issue for


Hi @partizanes - this should be cleared up now. Please let me know if you still receive a policy error when issuing for this domain.


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