Does LE supports for sign jar files?

Hi there,

I’m adding HTTPS for our servers, almost 15 servers, where which one of them has one Tomcat for web users and one RMI application available by classic JNLP file.

My question is, is it possible to sign all client side jars using LE ? Today we pay for Digicert for it (code sign). I’m a little lost in it, I don’t know if certificates for SSL/HTTPS are the same for code sign.

Could someone explain me a little bit about it?

Ps: I it’s possible, does anyone has steps to create valid jks ?


Hi @carlosspohr,

Nope, that is a separate kind of certificate and Let’s Encrypt doesn’t do that. See

Sure, several previous threads on this forum have discussed this:


Thanks for your reply @schoen .

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