DNS validation error

I have a same problem with my domain.
_acme-challenge.phukienmac.vn [TXT] OR4UI74bKiGB8xHaaYBmBJrDDEgIsmgKnGIbUwJ4xN0
_acme-challenge.www.phukienmac.vn [TXT] czTl0umDE8StvT097irxdH-8hjg71D0eXY35I1AVNy4

Please help me fix that. I tried more than 5 time to edit this record in my domain.


Hello, I moved your post into a new thread. It may be a different issue, so it’s easier to work on them separately. :slightly_smiling_face:

The domain actually does have two TXT records:

_acme-challenge.phukienmac.vn.phukienmac.vn. 1 IN TXT "OR4UI74bKiGB8xHaaYBmBJrDDEgIsmgKnGIbUwJ4xN0"

_acme-challenge.www.phukienmac.vn.phukienmac.vn. 1 IN TXT "czTl0umDE8StvT097irxdH-8hjg71D0eXY35I1AVNy4"

Next time, it looks like you need to use β€œ_acme-challenge” and β€œ_acme-challenge.www” as the record names in your DNS control panel.

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