DNS plugin support for Windows server 2016 DNS?


Is there a DNS plugin that works with Windows server 2016 DNS?


Does anyone even use Windows server 2016 for DNS?


following, looking for a solution to leverage acme plugin on pfsense and my internal windows server 2016 dns (subdomain.TLD.com)


This is possible with a win-acme hook, but the arguments win-acme passes to its DNS hooks don’t really map well to the arguments dnscmd takes, so you have to hardcode stuff in the hooks:

letsencrypt --validationmode dns-01 --dnscreatescript C:\create-dns.bat --dnsdeletescript C:\delete-dns.bat --validation script --domain secure.example.com


set APEX_DOMAIN=example.com
set SUBDOMAIN=secure
set TOKEN=%3%
dnscmd . /RecordAdd %APEX_DOMAIN% _acme-validation.%SUBDOMAIN% txt %TOKEN%


set APEX_DOMAIN=example.com
set SUBDOMAIN=secure
dnscmd . /RecordDel %APEX_DOMAIN% _acme-validation.%SUBDOMAIN% txt

A proper hook would probably parse a dnscmd query to figure out the apex domain without hardcoding it.


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