"DNS DCV: No local authority "the certificate expired"

Same here, especially given the prior statement

Which I already answered with

If you're not doing wildcard DNS, or have some other rare reason for needing a wildcard certificate, then you just need to fix your configuration to no longer request a wildcard certificate and thereby give you unsettling messages.


Yes... but per my earlier post, there doesn't seem to be any way to exclude the wildcard request in the "Auto SSL". which is Cpanel's periodic renewal interface. I can remove any of them except for the wildcard entry. Because it's now in error, we get a message every three hours that the certificate is "no longer" good.

After a little more digging and the info you've given me here, I'm moderately comfortable that it's due to some change Bluehost made, with a minor option for a change Cpanel made that they absorbed.

I'm going to work the issue with the Cpanel folks for a bit. I need to either find some way to remove the AutoSSL request I'll come back and update here with the results.


We are currently investigating what it will take to implement this feature request. The work is being track as case COBRA-4247 (old ticket)


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