Different file formats between "content/base-l10n and "content/en"

I am asking the following question because I am preparing to update source files in Crowdin.

The following files have a different format in content/en than in content/base-l10n. Is it okay to use what's under content/en as a source for translation? It also means that when we are creating new language folders we should probably use the formats which are in the source files (.html in this case) instead of .md which is currently in base-l10n....

base-l10n x en
repository.md x repository.html
thankyou.md x thankyou.html

as changes on base-i18n will make translations over it invalid, non-meaning changes will be use en dir


Hi, please can you clarify your answer? What I was asking was:

  1. Can I use content/en as source for translations in Crowdin
  2. Why some files appear as HTML under content/en while they are MD under content/base-l10n and is it safe to use the HTML version for translation?

Thank you

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if you actually see what's in base-i10n on website repo:

it's just metadata tag there, so from en would be only option to translation from.


That file is completely content empty. The file that I will have to upload to Crowdin for translation is this one: https://github.com/letsencrypt/website/blob/main/content/en/thankyou.html

That's an HTML though. If we have an MD in content/base-l10n now and we are asking people to put it into each new language folder, then after pulling translation back from Crowdin, we will end up by having 2 thankyou files in language folders except en - thankyou.md and thankyou.html.
Why there is a MD version in content/base-l10n while the same file is html under content/en?

it looks like translatsion should match slug name, not file name: from other langusage. there are same md-ish format at start of each html version for other localatzations


Okay, then I will use the html versions for those 2 files thankyou.html and repository.html for my next source refresh in Crowdin.

Then I should probably remove all md versions of those 2 files from the respective language folders to avoid duplicates.

A question still remains - why there are md version of those 2 under base-l10n while they both are html under en. Someone should probably fix content of the base-l10n folder then.

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