Custom SSL Port with Letsencrypt

Is it possible to install Letsencrypt certificate on httpd which listen on any custom port?.
If yes, please let us know the step for that.

The answer on your current question is: “Sure, why not. LE’s certificates are independend on how they are used… They can even be used for IRC servers on port 6697.”

But something tells me you are searching for an other answer. If so, you’ll probably need to rephrase your question. I.e.: what’s the actual problem you are facing now?

I have tried to install the SSL for domain which listen on custom port like using certbot. But we can’t install SSL on that domain. Can you please provide the step for the same.?

What do you mean with “install”? Because I’m defining “installing a certificate” as “configure the software so it uses the recently aquired certificate so it can be used”.

But I’m sensing you actually don’t have a certificate yet, but you need to get one issued from Let’s Encrypt?

I think what @Osiris is getting at is that you do need one of

  • web server that you control listening on inbound TCP port 80 (http)
  • web server that you control listening on inbound TCP port 443 (https)
  • ability to temporarily allow one of the above during verification
  • ability to create arbitrary DNS records in your DNS zone

in order to get the certificate in the first place. Once you have the certificate, you can use it with any TLS service listening on any port number.

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