Custom apache vhost conf location

Let’s Encrypt is a great software and one that will help so much for web security. thank you for the entire community and developers involved.

I have done a search for my question but have not found something clear for me.
I prefer using the apache plugin rather than the webroot, to benefit from its automation.

Due to many Control Panels using custom vhost conf locations, is there a way to specify where the apache plugin should look for those files?

I have confirmed that the plugin finds the vhost.conf files in the sites-available location, however, some control panels save this configuration in other directories and reference then in the main apache conf, either under the mod-enabled directory, or to various locations as /home/user/etc…,

can I pass an argument or specify the location of these vhost files to let’s encrypt?
Am i misunderstanding how the plugin finds the enabled servernames?

Generally the apache plugin will only modify the entries in the sites-available location ( and sites-enabled) however some control panels keep a separate database of locations for ssl files etc, so needs things doing slightly differently.

Are you using a specific control panel ? if so there may be some scripts written already specifically for that control panel. Or are you looking at developing something.

I have been comparing various control panels for testing, and that is why I have not listed any.
I can link the SSL files correctly once they are generated, but was wanting to benefit from the automation of the built in plugin.

I was wondering if I can specify to the plugin where the vhost files are stored to be looked at for the servernames

I don’t think you can in letsencrypt-auto easily, no. You can with some of the other clients Many different control panels have their own plugin