Cryptic characters when calling cartbot

Hello, I have a problem with the installed certbot version 1.24 reports a Fatal error in Launcher can someone please help me.

Windows operating system
Apache 2.2.26

My domain

My web server is (include version): Apache 2.2.6

Hi! Support for Windows will soon be discontinued in Certbot:

You are advised to switch to a different client/method, some options are mentioned in the topic linked above


I've been using certbot this way for over a year and a half on Windows 10. It runs without any problems.

First, I agree with @Nekit that you should not start with Certbot today given support will soon be stopped.

But, how old is your Windows? Your Apache is about 16 years old and openssl looks old too. You might have problems supporting modern TLS and ciphers with such an old system

Server=Apache/2.2.6 (Win32) mod_ssl/2.2.6 OpenSSL/0.9.8e JRun/4.0


I suggest evaluating a move to the current version of Apache. Recent versions of Apache since 2.4.30 include mod_md which can manage and renew certificates using the ACME protocol.


I find it strange that you are calling certbot with --standalone and yet the problem shows --webroot and a whole bunch of characters.


I only saw --standalone but then noticed there are two commands - one for standalone and one for webroot both failing the same way.

I could still be seeing it wrong but just in case you are making the same mistake ... :slight_smile:


My :eyes: keep failing me!
Yes, it seems both return those weird bunch of characters.


Apache 2.2.6 ... how old is that Windows version likely to be ?


Hi @freehg please confirm your exact version of Microsoft Windows and we can use that to advise compatibility.

If your version of Windows is no longer supported by Microsoft I would advise immediately moving your website to a more modern operating system version or hosting service, especially if you are self-hosting on your own network. This will have benefits for compatibility and security. If this is not worth the time/effort/cost I would advise shutting down the server.

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XP? :rofl:

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