Creating certificate doesn't work - different ip addresses

I am using DirectAdmin for and get the same error.
And Challenge is okay. But the second time Waiting gives Waiting for domain verification and then the error mentioned in the subject :frowning: Help please.

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Hi @bobromeo

I’ve moved your question to a new topic, makes things easier.

Your configuration can’t work - see your check, ~~50 minutes old -

Your www has 4 ip addresses, your non-www only one:

Host Type IP-Address is auth. ∑ Queries ∑ Timeout A Roelofarendsveen/South Holland/Netherlands (NL) - Netspider Group B.V. No Hostname found yes 1 0
AAAA yes A Alkmaar/North Holland/Netherlands (NL) - Cyso Hosting B.V Hostname: yes 1 0
A London/England/United Kingdom (GB) - DigitalOcean, LLC Hostname: yes 1 0
AAAA 2a01:518:1:41:2::53 Alkmaar/North Holland/Netherlands (NL) - Cyso Hosting B.V. yes
AAAA 2a03:b0c0:1:e0::445:9001 London/England/United Kingdom (GB) - DigitalOcean, LLC yes

That shouldn’t be a problem.

But: There are different answers:

Redirects http + www -> /, that’s always bad. And 2a01:518:1:41:2::53 doesn’t work, no answer.

Different ip addresses -> different answers -> Grade K. Every row with Grade K is critical.

  • Fix all Grade K (or)
  • Remove all not working ip addresses

Hi Juergen, thx for your quick response. I don’t know why the ip-addresses of the nameservers count ?
And i do not use www. I always use * --> -->

Are the www references a “residue” on the nameservers ?!?

I removed a subdomain but i don’t think that was the problem.

In directadmin one can tick for subdomains and www and none are standard ticked, i removed the tick for www and ran again and Success :smile:

If you have defined these ip addresses, they are used. So if one doesn’t work, your domain validation may fail.

–>> change your DNS entries so you have only working ip addresses.

If you don’t need the www, don’t add the domain name to the certificate.

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