Copy certificates from vps A to vps B

Hi! I moved all my websites from vps A to vps B.

I copied my folder /etc/letsencrypt from vps A to vps B.

Should i do anything else?

check whether certbot renew --dry-run works fine without any failure

Did you make sure to copy via a method that will preserve symbolic link structure?

mmmm eh, well, i did this:

I compress /etc/letsencrypt in .tar, copied to vps B and decompress tar.

How its the good way to preserve the symbolic link structure? thx

It might have worked depending on your tar defaults. You can run ls -l /etc/letsencrypt/live/* and see if the items there are links (indicated by ->).

Yes! all looks good! i used “tar cvf” and “tar xvf”

i am comparing and investigating the failes.

But, i have 2 folders in accounts directory in the new vps. (this one, it was in the old vps)

Maybe i need to edit “account” in renewal files domains?

You should make sure that the account in those renewal configuration files matches your acme-v01 account hash (rather than the acme-staging account hash).

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