Configuration file: What are the options - same as commandline?


I want to use the configuration file to specify common options (e.g. the amount of backup logs before rotation) but I cannot find any documentation.

Are the options the same as the ones specified when using the command line?

When using the command line to specify the number of logs before rotation would be “–max-log-backups”. If I now want to use the config file would I specify “max-log-backups=30”?

With or without “=”, e,g is it
max-log-backups 30



Hi @jobst,

There is no too much info but you could take a look here

Yes, the same, use the long option and remove the heading dashes.

For example, --agree-tos should be agree-tos, --text should be text. If the option needs a value put the long option without dashes space = space value, for example --email user@domain.tld should be email = user@domain.tld, --max-log-backups 30 should be max-log-backups = 30 and so on…


Thanks @sahsanu!

I have just read that part again about the config file in the section

The information (with a couple of examples) that you just gave could just be placed above the grey box, maybe with a header that shows how to create fields within the config file …

While there is a line in the example config file “All flags used by the client can be configured here. Run Certbot with “–help” to learn more about the available options.” it is not obvious and one can easily read past that as one would not expect an explanation within the grey box.

If there would have been an example like you shown with a small heading I would not have asked the question on the forum. Considering that other people have asked this before I am not the only one ;-).


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