Comparison of ACME Challenges


I was cleaning out my files last night and found this left over. It’s still accurate. Perhaps some of you will find it helpful.

(I posted something like this before, but it’s no longer available as it wasn’t an image attachment.)


I believe there is also a google docs version of this which makes it easier to copy and paste


Can you try again please :smiley:


@ahaw021 Better, thanks!

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I reopened the topic ( the old one is still open Comparison of the different ACME challenges ) to add a few details:


Good point, thanks.

I’ve updated the original document:

And here is the updated screenshot:


Thank you!

Once I finished the PR on Glossary ( PR #415 ) I think I’ll work on a PR to add a page detailing the challenges ( Issue #389 ) if nobody has done if before. Can we reuse your work for that ?


Yep, sure thing.​​​​


FYI @jsha added that: