Comodo announces “Certificate Manager” Similar to LE

Comodo’s new Certificate Manager provides full access to an outsourced Certificate Authority platform and complete certificate lifecycle administration capabilities for all of your digital certificate needs.

Certificate Manager allows you to instantly provision SSL security and authentication services for your web servers, internal and external networks, user access controls and email.

• Auto-Discovery imports all existing SSL certificates found on company websites and internal networks
• Notifications are automatically issued to administrators when any certificate approaches expiry
• Offers a centralized portal where businesses can consolidate the purchase, renewal, and revocation of all PKI certificates
• Reporting sub-system capable of producing highly granular certificate logs for distribution to key personnel
• S/MIME certificates allow businesses to provision their employees with certificates capable of encrypting corporate email and can be used as a two-factor solution to authenticate employees that wish to log onto company websites and networks
• CCM can be configured to automatically apply for and install SSL certificates at renewal timet

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