CloudFlare on CertBot certificate

Why does the name CloudFlare sometimes appear on my CertBot Certificate when I only want CertBot (Let's Encrypt) and have never used CloudFlare and never want to?

Likely because the certificate was issued by CloudFlare.

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I ran this command:

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I suspect that is not the case.
Cloudflare is generally known for its' CDN.
But, it is also provides DNS service [independant from CDN services].
Please answer the questions above or provide a sample public cert (that contains "Cloudflare") to continue.


What do you mean by this, exactly? As Certbot is just an ACME client which can be used for many different ACME servers. But Cloudflare isn't one of those ACME servers, so it's highly unlikely you'll see the name "Cloudflare" somewhere in the certificates known to Certbot.

So you probably mean something else, but what exactly?


A less likely speculation, but if you monitor Certbot's activity, you'll see is an alias for is an alias for

so Certbot itself is routinely connecting to Cloudflare infrastructure in order to use the Let's Encrypt API (although I doubt one would describe that as seeing Cloudflare's name "on a certificate").


Another wild guess of what might be getting looked at here is certificate transparency timestamps from one of Cloudflare's logs, being stored on the final certificate. So Cloudflare can be involved in the normal operation of a Let's Encrypt certificate, in a way.


If "CloudFlare" is appearing in some sort of certificate viewer (who knows, we can spend time guessing instead) it's because you are using them for your DNS and you have that particular hostname proxied in the cloudflare control panel (the orange cloud icon next to the name in their DNS settings).

I'm guessing you're seeing something like this in your browser when you click the padlock and view the cert details:


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