CloudFlare is blocking our requests, can you plese whitelist us?

we are the largest web host provider in Czechia with more than 109 thousands webhosting. Today we found out that you (respectively CloudFlare) are blocking us and we cannot renew certificates. This is a big problem for us and our customers. So far, we have not been able to resolve the situation with CloudFlare. Is there a possibility of your intervention (for example, whitelisting our IP addresses?)

IP ranges:


What's the error you're getting?

2 Likes for error code: 7
[Sun Oct 18 11:47:43 CEST 2020] www.domain.tld:Verify error:

Currently, we do not connect from our servers via IPv4 to any server using CloudFlare, including Let's Encrypt.


I'm missing some context here I'm afraid. Where and when do you get that error? From which program? In what situation?


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