Change to ChallengeName type dns-01

Hello, I am new to this, could you guide me where I can find documentation to change to DNS-01 challenge

That depends on what your ACME client is and who your DNS provider is.

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As @9peppe already said, "it depends". And because it depends on many factors, it's impossible to provide a single "works for all" how-to/documentation.

Please provide more info to answer your question.


well my dns provider is Hostgator my acme client if i'm not mistaken is in Http-01 we want to change to dns-01 because we are implementing dns failover

We're interested in which ACME client you're using. There are MANY different ACME clients out there. Please also provide the version of the ACME client and your setup in the most details possible.

Perhaps also worth exploring is why you'd like to change from the http-01 challenge to the dns-01 challenge.

Also, is Hostgator also your hosting provider? I.e., for the site itself?


In advance thank you very much for your answers, that's right Hostgator is my hosting provider and as for the change to dns-01 it is because when implementing dns failover it does not allow http-01 It does not accept redirects to IP addresses and with respect to the acme client I will investigate more, check in the cpanel and the current The default key type for SSL/TLS certificates and CSRs comes

I didn't understand a word.

As long as your webserver answers and can serve the proper challenge file, you can use http-01.

Why would DNS failover break your redirects, I don't know. DNS and http are very different things.


I understand the truth, I am not at all familiar with this, an apology, but the idea is to make said configuration in dns-01, I see that I must use an acme client which will allow me to make said configuration, right

Yes. If you want to use dns-01 validation we need to know at least two things:

  1. What software you use to get your certificates (the ACME client, ACME = Automated Certificate Management Environment)
  2. Who is hosting your authoritative nameservers, and, if you are hosting those yourself, what software you're using to do so.
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I will use certbot as an acme client and hostgator is my hosting provider and domain there I have my cpanel

Ok, now tell us: do you have access to a root shell on your server?

Do you know how to obtain API access to your DNS records, and do you know if there is a certbot plugin to use said API?

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Might be a difficult combination.

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