Challenge file is not working

Dear all the members,

I have a domain name It is linked with a cPanel - shared hosting (linux).

I did follow all the necessary steps and generate two challenge files and uploaded it to public_html/.well-known/acme-challenge/challege file 1 & 2.

However, when I click to verify it, instead of showing the content of the challenge file in browser like it is shown on document and many other tutorials, it gets automatically downloaded.

I tried to google and search many other resources, but gone in vain…

Your help is highly appreciated …

Thanking you in advance…


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It is not important whether your browser displays the challenge file, or downloads it (maybe due to an automatic Content-Disposition header).

Let’s Encrypt will be happy either way, as long as the contents of the file is correct.


Hi @epotala

what’s the exact file name of your test file?

Check the content of that downloaded file. If this is correct -> no problem, that’s only a browser thing.


change file name1: AfmIymaL6aKYAYIukPWjtoHKxbELpFudW0z00uM6cME
change file name2: hUpdytBFHhouzyr9FHJopYx4XSapLm6egiY97s2Eo2M

Thank you very much for your prompt response:
@JuergenAuer @_az


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Both files have the correct content. The filename, a dot, something that looks like a hash value of your public account key.


So Letsencrypt should be able to validate your domain name.


Indeed, all the documentation and tutorials mentioned the same thing but I couldn’t resolve the issue. By the way, I am testing from google chrome as well as firefox.

One article, mentions that I need to wait few hours, to check whether it is a cache retain issue… I think this is the only option I have left with, as for the moment :frowning:

However, thank you very much for your time… Please leave me message provided you find anything related with the issue…

Thanking you,


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What Let’s Encrypt client are you using (that you got the challenge file names from), and what happened when you told it to continue with the certificate request?


When I click continue… the challenge file automatically gets download…

Hello everyone…

Thank you very much for spending your precious time and resources with me… I wrote an email to hosting provider and, it is resolved now…

I wish you all have a productive day!

Please help me to close this thread. Thank you all…


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Thread just closes automatically after 30 days mate, no need to worry!

Glad it worked out… :slight_smile:

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