Certificates for IP addresses

I am working on an open source control panel for Ubuntu that users can use in order to deploy and manage PHP websites. I felt a need of this control panel and I hope that it will serve the community.

So during the installation, mostly users don't point any domains. And I want to serve the control panel over the IP address on a custom port and over HTTPS using a valid SSL certificate. I initially used self-signed certs, but then I found that ZeroSSL does provide SSL certificates for IP addresses too.

They have mentioned unlimited 90 days SSL certificates under their pricing plans, but for an open source project, I am expecting to get a lot of users. And I am sure that ZeroSSL isn't going to like if I use a single account to generate SSLs for the users of the control panel.

This is one single use and this is specific to the control panel that I am developing. But I am sure that a lot of other users and businesses are also needing this feature. Where Let's Encrypt has brought a revolution when it comes to serve secure websites, I sincerely request that please consider this feature request. If you are a normal user like me, do reply here and support this thread to get attention of the LE team. Desperately looking forward for this feature.


Yep, it's been on our radar for a long time. We hoped to get to it this year, but other higher priorities (such as the chain change) arose which have bumped ACME-IP further into the future. It's still something that we hope to do, but not something we plan to do at this time.



Are IP address SANs back on the table now? I thought I heard somewhere recently that they were permanently shelved.


it was "too large: we maybe look this again in 2022"


This was way too hard for me to find, but i did remember this comment:


That's the one. Glad you found it, @jvanasco. I tried a few searches, but came up empty.



I only remembered that was from a male LetsEncrypt staff member with a black and white photo, and started digging through the posts/comments on each staff member's profile.

Pretty much all their staff photos are black & white.


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