Certificates for dynamic development, CI, staging environments

I work in a project where environments are very dynamic: every CI build creates a new testing environment from scratch (and every build uses unique DNS name) and every developer creates and destroys environments daily.

Dynamic environments all share few top-level domains, however they use unique subdomains each. Every environment needs to secure a number of endpoints.

What are the best practices for issuing LE certificates in this situation?

Maybe there is a ready-made package that requests and renews certificates for those top-level domains, and makes it available for other environments to use?

We use Kubernetes, and every environment is a separate Kubernetes cluster.

Hi @misha-tectonic

the main question: How many endpoints?

If you have a working configuration, you shouldn’t hit the duplicated certificates limit.

But the maximum are 50 certificates per domain per week.

Is it possible to use a wildcard per environment?



:wave: Hi @misha-tectonic, welcome to the community forum.

This strikes me as a good fit for a wildcard certificate that covers the top-level domains as well as the one level of wildcard subdomains beneath them.

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Let’s say a dozen.

Yes, it should be. However we’re creating hundreds of environments every day, so won’t it strain another limit?

Yes, I figured it out too. Now the question is whether anyone has already implemented something similar, or do I need to start from scratch and implement pulling a certificate from some central storage (with associated ACL headaches).

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