Certificate Transparency Required on Google Chrome

Here is a site I found describing how Certificate Transparency works How CT Works : Certificate Transparency
It has a nice diagram (IMHO)

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This seems like the kind of situation that could cause some code (in Chrome or the operating system) to get confused about certificate validity.

While @bruncsak is right in principle, there have been bugs in the past related to summer time and computer software's inconsistent view of it. In the worst case, some of the computer's software might have been confused about what the current UTC time was at a particular moment, so even though the certificate data is relative to UTC, the computer might not have been able to calculate correctly what time it was in UTC.


OK, then pause the use of the new certs for more than one hour.

  • check for cert renew
  • renew when necessary, PAUSE ONE HOUR+, restart web service

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