Certificate to show sub1.domain.com

I have a domain with several subdomains I would like to create ssl certificates for. If we create multiple certificates like so

sudo certbot certonly -a webroot --dry-run -m info@email.com --agree-tos --webroot-path=/www/letsencrypt -d domain.com -d www.domain.com -d sub1.domain.com -d sub2.domain.com -d sub3.domain.com 

When you visit each of the subdomain’s sites, the Issue to: will just be domain.com. How can I have it show its full domain as in sub1.domain.com sub2.domain.com sub3.domain.com

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If you want the common name to show your subdomain, instead of the first domain in the domain list, you should request a certificate for every one of the subdomains.

Thank you

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There can only be one “issued to” while there can be hundreds of names in a SAN.
Unless the site throws a validation error. no one looks at the “issued to” field.


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