Certificate reports expired on server websites but still valid on Ubuntu server

The challenge you'll face is that Webmin expects your certificate's private key and the certificate itself to both be inside the PEM file.


Thank you. Will have to walk through this slowly. I have a mental block understanding this (plus its 38C (100F) here at the moment so will come back to it). Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the issue at hand


An additional resource:

They all basically say the same thing.

I highly recommend adding a --deploy-hook to your certbot command that runs a shell script that builds the miniserv.pem file from the live privkey.pem and cert.pem files. The extracas in miniserv.conf should point to the live chain.pem file. Make absolutely certain that your shell script reloads webmin (/etc/webmin/reload) after updating the miniserv.pem file!

See the certbot documentation for help with the --deploy-hook parameter:


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