Certificate Practice Statement and CC License Attribute

Hey there,
How would I give correct attribution for a document based on the CP/CPS of ISRG?

Would this be acceptable to ISRG? ORG is the placeholder for the organization issuing the CP/CPS.

This disclaimer would be added right after the license declaration.

“This combined CP/CPS is based on the ISRG combined CP/CPS available here. It’s changed to fit out operational requirements. ISRG does neither endorse or is affiliated with ORG.”


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The ISRG CP/CPS is licensed under the CC BY 4.0 license.

The Creative Commons wiki has an example of attributing adaptations:


Whenever you are reusing CC licensed works, we recommend that the attribution include the T itle, A uthor, S ource, and L icense.

So long as you’re following the recommendations here, I don’t think we will be likely to have any concerns with adaptations of our CP/CPS.


Awesome! I would update this post, when we release our draft.