Certificate generation fails on DirectAdmin


We are stuck with a peculiar problem while generating certificates with SAN. We had around 7 domains pointing to one site hosted with DirectAdmin control panel, with a dedicated IP. And we were able to successfully generate certificate with SAN for all these 7 domains. But when we included on additional domain, and regenerate the certificate, it fails for the newly added domain stating:

Getting challenge for newparkeddomain.com from acme-server…
Waiting for domain verification…
Challenge is invalid. Details: Invalid response from http://newparkeddomain.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/r0W-YpkLxgpnqwQHmdpDe5i82AMY7mri0q_lLhobejE: . Exiting…

If we remove this domain from the list, then we can generate the certificate. We have all those domains pointing to the same dedicated IP address.

Any idea why this fails?

Thanks & Regards

hi @sujithm

Best to contact DirectAdmin support or their forums as this issue is probably related to how DirectAdmin deals with things


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