Certificate for subdomain with no ownership on the domain


I have a simple question but I can’t find the answer.

There is server A with domain.com and no SSL certificate. I have no control over the server, nor the domain.

sub.domain.com points to server B. I have control over server B. Can I get a certificate for this subdomain only?


Hi @alesas,

The answer is yes (although if the owner of domain.com actively wants to prevent you, they can also do so).

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Thanks @schoen. When you say “actively”, it means they would have some settings that would prevent this. Is it easy to check?

I’m not sure of a tool that automates checking it, but the main way they can prevent it is with

so if you can check for the presence of those records, that would be the best indication.

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Many thanks for your expertise and feedback :slight_smile:

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