Certificate for NON web Domain Service


Is it possible to generate certificates for non web server services. For example an integration engine that secures access to an HTTP listener woould be secured by an SSL certificate in the same way as a web server hosting a domain. But the endpoint is not a web domain. Typically a TLS certificate or self-signed certificate is used.

How do I generate “real” certificates that can be validated for services like these. I recall trying this some time back with a provider like go-daddy or something and they just do not provide certificates where there is no domain, I assume against which to validate.

I can generate self-signed certificates, but then you have to do things like switch off cert validation because tools know they are not “proper” certificates etc.

I’d be vert grateful if the community can correct my noob certificate ways :slight_smile:


Hi @encstu

it’s not relevant if the endpoint is a webserver, a mailserver or another “server” with another protocol.

Relevant: Users must use a domain name to connect that server.

If yes, you can create a certificate, may be via dns validation or via http validation with an extra webserver.

If no, you can’t create a certificate. Currently, Letsencrypt doesn’t support certificates with ip addresses (like ).

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Thanks for the reply.


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