Certificate for another server

Hi !

I need a SSL DV certificat for a custom Alexa Skill who is plugged to my smart home (automation with WAGO).
But my webserver is on my controller and cerbot can’t generate certificat on it (no python, and can’t install it, the controller don’t have enought space for it!)

Anyway, can we use certbot on another server and generate the certificate for another server, cuz i just need a domaine validation certificat.
I actually got a SSL certificat for my domain, but I want to try Let’s Encrypt, cause it’s free :slight_smile: !
So i already got the CSR file to generated a CRT…

Informations :

  • The web server is in my local network, on the PFC controller

  • The domain is mine and it redirect on my public IP adress

  • I can easily create the .well-know/

  • OS : Unix PTXdist / with WAGO-PFC SDK

  • Web server : lighthttp

Thanks for replies !

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Hi @foudtz

you have two options:

  • Has the server with the domain name a (small) webserver? If yes, you can create a redirect http + /.well-known/acme-challenge/random-filename to your other server http or https, then use there (sample) Certbot with the webroot option and certonly.
  • use dns validation
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I guess I didnt get it…

DNS validation seems faster and easier for me. But it need :
“After Let’s Encrypt gives your ACME client a token” > I don’t have the token, cause I can’t install ACME client on my web server

How do I get this token ?
I can update my DNS for that but I’m a bit confused here, i do not really know about this SSL things…

Thanks again

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Use your Certbot on another server.

With dns validation, that's possible (certonly --manual --preferred-challenges dns )


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Oh is that simple !
Thanks to this awsome community :slight_smile:


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