Certificate chain no longer includes ISRG Root X1?

I have been using letsencrypt certificates for an API server for a while and all has been working fine so far. However since the last certificate update (Nov 13), old Android clients can no longer access the site. After some debugging I just found that the certificate chain no longer includes ISRG Root X1.

According to Shortening the Let's Encrypt Chain of Trust - Let's Encrypt, this should not happen before Feb 2024. Have plans changed?


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Hi @guillerodriguez, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

What ACME client [and version] are you using?
What was the command last used to renew a cert with such a problem?
What is a domain name that now shows this problem?


Hi @rg305

I am using acme.sh, version 3.0.0.
The command used to renew was acme.sh --renew -d <domain_name>

I have a couple of domains with the same setup, I just took one of them which had been renewed on Oct 29 and was still working properly (certificate chain included the ISRG Root X1 intermediate certificate). I just tried to force renew (acme.sh --renew -d <domain_name> --force) and indeed the new certificates no longer include the ISRG Root X1 intermediate (breaking old Android clients).

This has been working for a long time until now so I must assume something has changed in LE's side. But this wasn't supposed to happen until Feb 2024, correct?


Please update to their latest version:


Why? any info on why would that fix the issue?

It seems strange that all has been working fine with 3.0.0 so far and since a few days ago, after what seems to be a change in LE, I suddenly need to update something on the client-side.

I'm not sure if that would fix the problem.
[but it would, at least, patch a known security issue]
That, and I can only test using v3.0.5 & v3.0.7 and both of those return 3 certs in the fullchain.cer file.


To be clear it included:


there was some mistake at that day enabled new default chain too early.


Hi @orangepizza,

This would certainly explain what happened with the system were certs were renewed in Nov 13 and where I started seeing the problem.

The strange thing however is that I had another system which had renewed certs in Oct 29 and which was working properly. I force renewed certs on this one and I got the short chain too :-?

Moreover upgrading to acme.sh 3.0.7 seems to have fixed the problem on both systems (after force renewing certs of course).




I upgraded to 3.0.7, renewed certs, now all is good.

I don't quite understand why this works, though. The temporary misconfiguration mentioned here (Shortening the Let's Encrypt Chain of Trust - #2 by aarongable) would explain the problem I was originally seen, but I don't understand why after force renewing certs on another host today also got the short chain.

Anyway upgrading to 3.0.7 and force renewing seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks!



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