Certificado expirado

HOla, También expiró mi certificado ayer mismo en el dominio danzaporelcambio.com
Llevo mucho tiempo intentando renovarlo e instalarlo pero no lo consigo. Sin embargo la web se ve bien y todo funciona. ¿Me pueden ayudar, por favor?

  • the command line you ran Actualice el Certificado: (CRT)
  • the output of that command Este certificado SSL ya se instaló
  • name and version of your operating system and your web server Windows 10
  • what type of hosting provider you are using, if applicable CPanel

Your certificate is currently valid and correct. It expires on the 14th of December. Renewal should be automatic on most systems, alternatively google the particular tool you are using (CPanel?) and see what the standard instructions are.

If you have a particular error message, post it here.

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Thank you very much for your time, Christopher.

I'm using the CPanel tool. The web site is perfectly on, however I receive many messages to renew the certificate because it is considered to have expired on 10/20/2021.

That's the message I have:


The SSL certificate expires on 20 oct. 2021 at 4:16:00 UTC. At the time of this notice, the certificate expired “-1 day, 3 hours, 12 minutes, and 32 seconds” ago.

The SSL certificate for “danzaporelcambio.com.lastragal.com” has not been renewed. You must take action to secure this site.

So what...?

This seems to affect the security of the email account password, which requires confirmation of access to an insecure connection on the Kaspersky antivirus.

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Where are you seeing this error message?

Your domain is danzaporelcambio.com not danzaporelcambio.com.lastragal.com.

What is lastragal.com and what do they have to do with your domain?

Are they are trying to get you to renew so other certificate that you don't need?

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You're right, Chritopher.Maybe in only something I don't need to renew. My other domain is lastragal.com, which certificate is currently valid whitout problem to renew it. But ,what about the problems with mail account and ftp, please?