Certes client for wildcard for windows server 2016

We are thinking of using Certes Client by fszlin for issuing wild card certificates for domains.We have approximately 975 main domains hosted on our server and with each main domain we have multiple subdomains.
The server’s OS is Windows 16 with IIS 10.

But this client (CERTES) does not have implementation for automatic installation and attachment of certificates for IIS. Can this client be used for automatic download,installation and attachment for domains?

If so, can anybody point us to right direction?
Thanking you.

While it doesn’t appear to be able to do installation for you, couldn’t you do it as part of the scheduled task with certutil + netsh http add sslcert?

Anyway, from the Windows client list, it appears that the beta version of Certify the Web both supports wildcard certificates and automatic installation to IIS. Maybe that is a client that suits your needs better?

Thank you for taking time to answer.
First I have never used certutil to install certificate from commandline. I have to look into this utility.

Basically, we want to pull data (domains) from server depending on days remain to renew and then process through the ACME client to issue/renew certificate and then installation & attachment.

Current we are using Let’s Encrypt win-simple client for SAN certificate and we have made it a auto process by running from window scheduler and working perfectly.

We want to do the same process with another available client that support wild card.

Certify the Web is a GUI (though i have never used it ) & require manual input.


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