Certbot Using 000x with Domain Names after Deleting Initial Folders

Hi there,
To validate my server installation script from scratch, I removed previously successfully generated folder in /etc/letsencrypt (accounts archive csr keys live renewal). When I restart my certbot command to generate a certificate, it recreates all the needed folders, but in live, it adds a 0001 at the end of my domain name.
I understand that I removed my account data, so I recreated an account for the same domain, is it why it created xxx.ddd.com-0001 instead of xxx.ddd.com?
Is there a way to tell certbot to ignore this 0001 in live folder?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @jdoucy,

This would usually result from not deleting the contents of renewal.

There’s currently no built-in way to rename a certificate lineage in Certbot. You can try to rename every reference to the -0001 lineage to remove the -0001, but this is tricky to do because you have to make the changes in a consistent way several places.

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