Certbot renew to correct TLS-SNI-01 issue, but fails "not due for renewal"


I’m trying to use certbot renew to correct TLS-SNI-01 issue, but it fails “not due for renewal”. The dry run works fine. I know it’s not due for renewal, but how can I correct the TLS-SNI-01 issue BEFORE having to wait for the renewal window? I’ve received several emails reminding me to correct this issue, but I can’t at this time before the renewal window.

TJ O’Donnell


If you insist, then force a renewal with:
but be sure to also add:
--preferred-challenges http
[or you will just force a regular renewal (TLS-SNI-01)]


If a dry run is working and uses HTTP-01, you don’t have to do anything else. Certbot will switch to HTTP-01 when the time comes. You don’t have to force it to renew now.

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