Certbot not working

I am a website designer. I’ve built 20 websites in the past and encrypted all my websites with certbot and never had an issue until now. I am trying to build a website for a new client but get the following error:

An unexpected error occurred:

The client lacks sufficient authorization :: Error creating new authz :: Validations for new domains are disabled in the V1 API (End of Life Plan for ACMEv1).

I have no clue how to fix this or what this is. Please help. I am running Apache.

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what’s your certbot version / and webserver version?

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Do you find any solutions? Because today i also encountered with the same problem

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Please note, that certificate issuance on ACME v1 protocol will be stopped.
Today, it is temporary stopped to wake everybody up:

It is really time now to upgrade to ACME v2.


If we are using certbot, we need to upgrade it manually? Or just update certbot?

Ubuntu 14 running on apache2

No I haven’t. It’s infuriating

how do we upgrade to that? People who are using certbot and such services are website designers, we don’t know all these technicalities. I think it’s easier switching to cloudflare.

Ubuntu 14 is too old to update certbot to resent enough versions that support acme v2, you may need to us differnt client, like acme.sh

And please update your ubuntu anyway, ubuntu 14.x is EOL


I resolve problem, just upgrading certbot. I do this using “sudo apt upgrade”. But be careful, because after updating all my docker container was stoped, so i need to start it again

As other replies have indicated, this is typically a problem with using a no-longer-supported OS (I mean one that the OS developer no longer provides updates for) or neglecting to apply OS updates.

If you administer a server for a client it’s really important to ensure that it’s getting software updates so that it doesn’t get hacked and become part of a botnet, get turned into blackhat SEO spam, or leak customer data from the server. If you don’t know how to make this is happening as a web designer, you should consider using a different style of hosting plan so that there is someone who will take responsibility for that aspect.

(We’re happy to help with this kind of problem here on the forum—that’s what we’re here for!—but “make sure that your web server is getting regular software updates” may be the ultimate solution for most people who see this message.)

(This particular change was announced more than one year ago, and, for most Certbot users’ use cases though not all, was already fixed in Certbot releases at that time. I know that not all users of Let’s Encrypt certificates follow, or have any reason to follow, upcoming policy or technical changes in Let’s Encrypt services, which is totally fine. But if you don’t, your Let’s Encrypt client application developer is following them for you and acting on them for you, which means you need to have a path to update to a new Let’s Encrypt client application release when it comes out. This is broadly true for most kinds of Internet software—your upstream software developer is following problems and changes that need to be acted on, and periodically making new version releases that will address those.)

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