Certbot makes ecc certificate problem

Will certbot can be used to create ecc certificate? How to operate! Please help me, thank you very much!

I usually do this with one of the alternative clients, which certainly works.

With certbot I think this can only be done using certonly and specifying the csr ( which you create using an ecc key.

Yes. There is a Pull Request for certbot to get ECC keys into the CSR (and therefore certificate). (You might even use the forked ‘ecdsa’ branch from that PR for yourself, although it’s obviously work in progress.) But there’s an ongoing discussion about the storage of the certificate. Currently, there is no difference between the filenames of the certificates despite different public key algorithms used. That’s obviously very confusing, but how we’re going to make that distinction hasn’t been decided yet.

When that decision has been made, we can start coding again and hopefully ECDSA support will be available soon.


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