Certbot Fast-Guide!

“Fast Guide” or “Most Frequently Used Commands”

90% of time using certbot command represents probably 1% - 10% of the man certbot text… But we need community and people of the certbot staff to say what is this little%.

Suggestion: let’s create a README.md at an official git for it, at https://github.com/certbot

hi @ppKrauss

what exactly are you asking for?

i think I know what you are getting at but clarify it out a bit more.

For example: I have used tool x which has really good documentation. I like the way tool X provides case based examples rather than just a manual.

Case based examples would help me to get the write commands to…

You can always volunteer :wink: but generally it’s good to describe an ideal state and how the current state falls short and some suggestion rather than jumping to a solution

but that is my 5 cents


Hi @ahaw021, thanks your 5 cents! :slight_smile:
… As I expressed before, it is a “Suggestion: let’s create”!

Imagine an old FAQ: we have a good “statistics” about what is frequent (!), and we can show a list to the public (this “frequent questioners”) with a compilation of frequent things (answers to the questions).

  • How to create a certificate?
  • How to renew my certificate?
  • How to delete an item from certificate?

Another way to imagine the compilation: the most common Use Cases of the certbot software.

We can start here, with an phrase and a command you can express a case for the Fast Guide…

DRAFT v0.1

  • Case: create a certificate with one domain.
    Command: certbot --cert-name xxxx.org

  • Case: create a certificate with many domains.
    Command: certbot --cert-name xxxx.org -d aaaaa.com -d aaaaa.org.
    Tip: the first (xxxx.org) is the Certificate Name.

  • Case: refresh the certificate.
    Command: certbot renew

  • Case: … . Command: …

And cases that have no direct command, as to delete a secondary domain… But only “popular cases”. The main curatory process to write the Fast Guide, is to elect what is frequent/relevant and what is not.

Interestingly, this command won't work as you might expect because a domain should be specified with -d. (If the Apache plugin finds domains in your configuration file, it might ask you wish to use them.) The value of --cert-name for a new domain is arbitrary although Certbot will use one of the subject domains as the name if none is given (but not vice versa: it won't request a certificate for the name specified as --cert-name if it's not also mentioned as -d).

That's a good argument for the existence of a FAQ as you propose. :slight_smile:


do you think an explanation of the authorisations (HTTP, DNS TLS-SNI) with examples would also help?


Yes, write here your cases!

I'm already writing that for the documentation! But I wasn't planning to give sample command lines.

Hi @schoen Can you create a project at certbot git space? Here a first draft of an README.md

please be gentle

as part of improvement in docs i have documented what i believe is the HTTP challenge process :smiley:

welcome feedback

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