Certbot exiting with error: ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', error("(60, 'ETIMEDOUT')",))

@jsha, is there any chance that this weird hard-to-reproduce API connection failure is actually an endpoint/CDN issue?

Definitely doesn't have the characteristics of an endpoint connectivity error.

@tcv, I notice from your posted output that this happens in manual mode, after configuring your validation file and hitting enter. Am I correct in assuming it never happens before that? One reason that might be different is that Certbot uses a requests.session to pool HTTPS connections and reuse them. So in this scenario, Certbot may attempt to reuse a connection that was opened many minutes ago and has since timed out. The requests library should handle that gracefully (and does implement retries, I think), but perhaps there is a strange issue here.

Are there any firewalls on your machine, or between your machine and the Internet?

This makes it look like you do have an IPv6 address. Am I misunderstanding?

Thanks for looking into this, @jsha.

The fe80 address is a link-local address.


Awesome catch @schoen

Hi @jsha,

You are correct that this only happens after the validation file is configured and I hit enter.

Since the certbot I ran from docker-compose (the one with the hacky retry logic) worked, I thought Iā€™d try running the certbot installed on my system (with no changes - hacky retry logic, extra debug statements or otherwise) but alas, it failed as it always has with ETIMEDOUT error.

Iā€™m happy to make additional changes to help debug this issue.

There are no firewalls on my machine or between my machine and the Internet.

Thanks again for all the help.

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