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Dear Community,

I'm trying to warp my head arround an issue with certificate renewals. I have docker container running certbot (certbot/dns-route53) which provisions certificate and renews them. And in other containers running applications using those certificates. The problem is, I haven't figured out the way how to reload the app inside the other containers or restart the other container once the certs were renewed. This is the only solution so far

--renew-hook "/usr/bin/curl --unix-socket /var/run/docker.sock -X POST http:/v1.24/containers/<container>/restart"

I don't really like the above solution so I'm wondering if you have any other suggestions.
Also It seems that certbot/dns-route53 image doesn't come with curl binaries so I would have to make a custom build in order to make it work.

Thanks !

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I'm no Docker expert, but I think your solution is probably a very good one! Could maybe help other users of Dockerised certbot instances too.

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I would not bother with the science behind "has the cert changed or not"...
And just schedule a get and reload once a week (or at whatever schedule works best for you).

I don't like this approach. Why would I restart somethign what doesn't needs restarting ?

A. How would you know it doesn't need to be restarted?
B. Have you heard of graceful restart OR reload?

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