Certbot ACMEv2/Wildcard support


Will Certbot support that? :slight_smile:

ACMEv2 and Wildcard Launch Delay

Work on certbot to support ACMEv2 is ongoing. You can follow this GitHub issue if you are interested:


Yes. We’re planning on doing a release early next week with support for ACMEv2 and obtaining and installing wildcard certs.


So wildcard (with certbot support) will be available early next week? Are you referring only to the beta or will this be the official release for the wildcard certs?


@masudhossain, @bmw was referring to Certbot support for ACMEv2 and wildcards, which is still separate from the start of Let’s Encrypt support for them. Right now, the 8 clients that support ACMEv2 (and the Certbot development version related to ACMEv2 support) are being tested only against the Let’s Encrypt ACMEv2 staging environment.

The Certbot release to which @bmw referred does not imply the start of Let’s Encrypt’s support for these technologies.


So it appears that CertBot v.0.22.0, is basically ready to go, but has yet to be tagged (as of this moment). This looks like it will allow testing to the Staging endpoint mentioned above, which will be helpful in building a testing server for when this goes live. Looks like the changeover to the production ACMEv2 endpoint has been pushed to 0.23.0 although I will be interested to see if they try to streamline the work on this version once the Production ACMEv2 end point goes live.


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