Certbot acme protocol

I have a question. I have heard that Sectigo and Zerossl have partnered with Certbot so that you can create a Sectigo or Zerossl issued certificate in Certbot. How do you do that? I know this isn't based on Let's Encrypt, but Certbot doesn't have a support forum.

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Hi @robertzo

there is no "partnered".

Start there:

ACME is a protocol.

So every CA can create a server endpoint, so clients can use ACME clients to talk with that CA.

Every ACME client

can do that.

So if Sectigo and Zerossl have such a server endpoint with ACME-support, you can use every ACME client to create Sectigo / Zerossl - certificates.

Certbot is an ACME client - that's all.


See the section titled Changing the ACME Server in the Certbot documentation.


I briefly documented the steps here as well: [PROPOSAL] Support ZeroSSL out of the box · Issue #8647 · certbot/certbot · GitHub

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