Certbot 1.26.0 Release

Certbot 1.26.0 has just been released. The changelog for the release is:

1.26.0 - 2022-04-05


  • Added --new-key. When renewing or replacing a certificate that has --reuse-key
    set, it will force a new private key to be generated, one time.

    As before, --reuse-key and --no-reuse-key can be used to enable and disable key


  • The default propagation timeout for the OVH DNS plugin (--dns-ovh-propagation-seconds)
    has been increased from 30 seconds to 120 seconds, based on user feedback.


  • Certbot for Windows has been upgraded to use Python 3.9.11, in response to
  • Previously, when Certbot was in the process of registering a new ACME account
    and the ACME server did not present any Terms of Service, the user was asked to
    agree with a non-existent Terms of Service ("None"). This bug is now fixed, so
    that if an ACME server does not provide any Terms of Service to agree with, the
    user is not asked to agree to a non-existent Terms of Service any longer.
  • If account registration fails, Certbot did not relay the error from the ACME server
    back to the user. This is now fixed: the error message from the ACME server is now
    presented to the user when account registration fails.

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.


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