Cert renewal expiration date

we've just updated certsage.php from v1.2 to v1.4.1 and reinstalled the cert

we noticed that the expiration date remains the same after reinstalling the cert with certsage.php v1.4.1

we have multiple sites using the certsage.php, currently they have different expiration date, and would like to make all the of certs having same expiration date. is there any way to make it happen?

thank you

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What was wrong with the response you got on your other thread ?


the other thread, it works after the CAA record deletion

following Griffin's suggestion, we updated certsage.php from v1.2 to v1.4.1 which has password protection feature

after the update to v1.4.1, the cert expiration remains the same.

we have multiple sites, would like to make all of the sites having same expiration date. is there any way to do it?

I was referring to Osiris response about timing of renewals.

Why did you post the same question in a new thread?


the other thread is related to 'Fail to Acquire a Certificate', now the issue/support needed is resolved. that's why this new thread is created to avoid long thread there, and focus on how to make all certs having same expiration date

Just coordinate your renewals when they are next due.

A certificate cannot be changed once it is issued. A renewal is just a new cert with the same names as the prior one.

Let's Encrypt and the ACME protocol are designed for automation. If you want that you need a different hosting service


if the certsage.php cert renewal process is same as installation, what we did today (reinstalling cert) doesn't update the expiration date.

does the renewal with new expiration date only take effective after 60 days of installation?

When you do your renewal you get a new cert with a new expiration date (90 days)

Changing certsage itself does not affect existing certs


What's there to update? If I look at crt.sh | sportec.tw, I see 4 certificates from today. And your website is using the most recently issued certificate?

So I'm puzzled what your question is exactly.


If I understand CertSage operation correctly, renewal is a manual process that begins with visiting the CertSage PHP page. @Geoffrey would reasonably like to conduct those manual renewals all on the same day. Currently the recent certificate does not renew because it is not old enough to be in the defined renewal window.

I have not yet used CertSage, and have not found a repo to view the code, so I can't provide specific guidance. It shouldn't be too hard to do the math to figure out the renewal window and expiration dates, then obtain a new certificate that will be in sync with the other dates.


thanks all for the supports.

few hours after installing the cert with v1.4.1, the expiration date within browser is now updated to reflect the installation few hours ago

it could be that few hours ago the expiration date within browser is browser cached data, or the expiration date needs to wait for the dns server to sync up

I was also guessing if there is renewal window for the certsage.php renewal operation. With the result it's obvious there isn't

thanks for all the supports.


Yes, browser cache. Use a site like SSL Labs to see the cert your server is currently using. It is not affected by caching.

No, not this.


thanks for the confirmation


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