Cerbot nginx plugin ignores sites with php backend


I’m using certbot to create SSL certificates for several sites hosted from one server using nginx. For the static sites this works beautifully with the nginx plugin.

However, when I run the cerbot --nginx command, several sites are missing from the list that the certbot tool shows me. What the missing sites have in common is that they all use a php based CMS. My hunch is that the declaration of the upstream service for those pages throws the config reader off.

The nginx files in question all start with the following section:

upstream backend_teresamarenzi {
        server unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock;

server {
    liste 80;
    server_name ...

Does anyone know if this could indeed be the cause and what I can to fix this? I am using the certbot debian package python-cerbot-nginx at version 0.10.2-1.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @danyx23,

Do they actually say “liste 80” instead of “listen 80”?

Hi @schoen,

no sorry, that was a typo, I had only copied the top section and typed the server section by hand

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