Can't cancel renewal

I had canceled all current renewal using WACS command UI.
After executing "cancel", it was showing 0 renewals.
But when I re-run WACS, all canceled renewals still on there.

How can I remove or cancel what I don't wanted?


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Hi @JerryK, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

If you haven't already done so, please see:
win-acme support


Thanks Rudy.
I will

Have a good day



I think you can also delete *.renewal.json from C:\ProgramData\win-acme\ to remove existing renewals.


Thanks, Chris.

I had tried that also.
but no luck for me.

Actually I had tried both ways.
Once I had removed those triggers on the folder directly, the next day there were all new triggers.
I guess those triggers were automatically created during the renewal process and those renewal information might be referenced through API.

After that I had tried to cancel all renewals using WACS command UI,
but it also had the same result.

So I am on panic by this issue

Thanks again Chris

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Do you have any automations setup to create the WACS renewals, like an app or database or script or something that runs as a windows scheduled task?

If your objective is just to stop WACS altogether you could delete it's scheduled task and uninstall (delete) the app.

Are you using something else for your renewals other than WACS and that's why you're trying to cancel them?


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