Cannot enable web server to serve .hidden directories, is there a workaround

I’m working with a particular managed host where I seemingly cannot enable .hidden directories to be served publicly from webroot. This is rather important for the lets encrypt / certbot step that asks me to place a file in /.well-known/acme-challenge/. Is there maybe a trick I can use with maybe a symlink or a rewrite rule that would help me work around this particular limitation? Or perhaps there is a way for me tell lets encrypt / certbot to look for the token at instead of at the default

Thanks in advance.

Creating such folders should not be a problem normally, though if it’s Windows hosting you might need to use “mkdir .well-known” command on the command line to create it. What methods have you tried and what kind of errors you were getting?

As an alternative, you could use DNS verification, which would not require creating any files or directories at all.

I’m using cloudcannon, which sorta hosts material up in-house. So I’ve not tired anything so to speak (don’t have any access to server (ssh, etc.) other than adding files to a webroot). I’ve tried their recommended method, which involves building a jekyll _site dir with the well known entry permalinked to the standard route. Not currently working, I’ve made them aware, we shall see what happens. I’ll look into the DNS verification method.


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