Can not find error for "Invalididentifiertype"


Hi, can anyone point the error in the request ?
I already check the boulder source but do not see the reason that cause the “Invalididentifiertype”.

,“x” :“tyL4TKoWxuFVRyueVSKEYWrm_AsHL6JvteldkWQe6GRFmKgg48wAeShVC0wBol5U”
,“y” :“LpOh9OPfdfJjMt1mjbhTDre-M-uJ6-eobklzL4HXUJzcNqvy5dervcv31NGY8VOA”}
, “protected”: “eyJub25jZSI6ICJ6MUZjQjBrdDYzbnRXdi1faWduWHNSN053aW1lVDdsemxXamVGUnB3dWg0In0”
, “payload”: “eyJpZGVudGlmaWVyIjogeyJ0eXBlIjogImh0dHAtMDEiLCAidmFsdWUiOiAiZWMzODQuc3VjaGUub3JnIn0sICJyZXNvdXJjZSI6ICJuZXctYXV0aHoifQ”
, “signature”: “N-ZfEMJA12e3ttvOwM4rxZtGQQla4Ba7Dpcmo9v_fu4WOv1CCD2q3HqI2fa7yCN1mmmkz-CvcqmhYeZIHznK7D1-xhln3BAU7YM7cBhqTZkxwkhjb44JRufp1OF-QsNc”

400 Bad Request


Looks like this with stripped spaces. I’m guessing the client is doing that for some reason? I think that’s what boulder will use if you try to submit an authz with identifier.type != "dns". Maybe a case-sensitivity thing?


Decoding payload as base64 shows:

{"identifier": {"type": "http-01", "value": ""}, "resource": "new-authz"}

You need to use "type": "dns" here — the http-01 challenge type is specified at a later step.


@pfg and @sigprof are correct here (Thanks folks!) - you’re specifying the type of the authz identifier as “http-01”, Boulder only supports DNS type identifiers. http-01 is a challenge type.


Thanks it was first dns and i had an problem. When i switched it. But now all works again as expected :slight_smile:


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