Can I use a Let's Encrypt certificate on BigCommerce platform?


Good morning all!

I am new and this is my first post.

I am trying to determine if this SSL will work for me. I have little to no knowledge about software or SSL’s, other than, I know I want and need.

So hopefully my question makes sense…I have a .com domain and my web host server is BigCommerce platform.

Will Let’s Encrypts free SSL work for me and if so; what and or how do I proceed to download and apply the SSL?

Thank you for your patience.

How to get a certificate?

Hi @LDR,

Checking BigCommerce plans seems they are offering “free” certificates for all their plans already, as far as I know they are using Encryption Everywhere by Symantec.

To use a certificate issued by a third party (in this case Let’s Encrypt) you could do it only if you are using a Pro or Enterprise Plan.

So, I think you don’t need to complicate it, just use the certificate they are offering in all their plans for “free”.



Hi Sahsanu,

And thank you for taking the time to reply!

You are absolutely correct.

I thought I had seen in my research that it was included but only checked my domain providers site and not BigCommerce, which makes no sense.

I must be reading into this too much and as you state…making too complicated.

Thank you again my friend and talk to you soon!


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