CA software and HSM's used

I’ve worked for multiple Dutch CA’s and was wondering what kind of software LE uses on the backend? Is it standard software like EJBCA or DogTag (RHCS) or a custom set of services?

Also, which models of HSM’s are used? Safenet, Thales, etc?

The CA software is called boulder, and it’s open source! :wink:

According to this blog post, the HSMs are from Gemalto.

Ah that is amazingly cool, the code is out there. Will look in to that, thank you.

I might misread the blogpost, but I don’t see a statement that gemalto delivers the actual hardware, just that they’re a sponsor?

“We’re very proud to be a Gold Sponsor for Let’s Encrypt which leverages our industry-leading hardware security modules to protect their certificate authority system,” says Todd Moore, Vice President of Encryption Product Management at Gemalto.

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