Building a python application for certificate renewal/installation

Hi, is there a python library to get the list of certificates obtained via certbot? looking to find if there's a way i can programaticaly (via Python) access the list of certificates that certbot manages - including details like their expiry dates/serial numbers etc. Thanks in advance for any input!

Certbot is written in Python, so you could write your application against it's code.


In particular, you might check this part of the code:

The fact that it's in the _internal directory means that the Certbot developers aren't promising to keep it working in the future or to keep the name and interface the same (so you might need to keep that risk in mind in terms of your own support for your own software).

You can also trace that through to the human_readable_cert_info function, which is rendering a lot of parsed information about individual certificates.

thanks for your input - i'll look into these

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